Rebellion CrossFit Programming
Rebellion CrossFit combines bodyweight exercise, weight lifting, and cardio to deliver a rewarding workout. Our coaches work with each individual to provide modifications and guidance for any fitness level from beginner to trained athlete. Learn how to effectively and efficiently squat, lift, press, run, jump, row, throw, and move your body in a safe manner.
With commitment and hard work you will achieve greater general fitness and a high degree of athleticism.
Rebellion Strength
Rebellion Strength is a fundamental strength training program designed to quickly increase strength while improving overall health and fitness at the same time. The program is individualized with an initial consultation, measurable goals, personalized workouts, and modifications. As each goal is met, new goals are set and new workouts are established to avoid the “plateau” that comes with other strength programs.
Avoid the fitness “plateau” with individualized goals and workouts.
Interested in a customized individual training plan?
Rebellion Fitness would love to help you reach your fitness, nutrition, and overall health goals. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.
Our CrossFit group classes are unlike any other with individualized modifications and instruction from experienced coaches.
CrossFit Group Training
Enjoy the benefits and community of Crossfit workouts, but get individualized instruction similar to personal training with our small class sizes. Our experienced coaches provide modifications tailored to your ability and fitness level. CrossFit Group Training provides accountability and camaraderie you can’t get at larger gyms. Take advantage of our variety of class times Monday through Friday. Whether you are an early riser or like to finish the day with a win, we offer times to fit any schedule. Daily workouts are always changing to give a variety of body weight, weight lifting, and cardio exercises to maximize results for your fitness goals.
Improve your health and wellness with nutrition consultations tailored to your goals.
Rebellion Nutrition Coaching

Are you looking to start better eating habits or improve your overall health? You can’t outwork a bad diet. In order to reach your goals and be the healthiest version of yourself, proper nutrition will be required.  

Now for the Good News!  We can help you with that!

This program is an individualized nutrition coaching program. We will work with you to define your goals and make and implement a plan to help you succeed.

The program includes:

  • A Customized Nutrition Program tailored to you and your goals.
  • Bi-weekly meetings (in-person or virtual) to check progress and make adjustments based on your feedback and results. 
  • Health marker tracking 
  • Meal Planning assistance 
  • Goal Setting and planning
Our Corporate Wellness program is holistic in nature and includes exercise, nutrition support, work-life balance, and goal setting.
Corporate Wellness
Rebellion Fitness offers corporate wellness solutions for your local business or company to encourage health, wellness, and nutrition as well as improve teamwork, collaboration and working relationships among employees. Our tailored corporate fitness program will be a great addition to your company benefits package. We have a wide range of options to fit businesses large and small including on-site fitness classes and discounts on group classes at our convenient downtown Birmingham facility. If you are a local business owner or human resources director, contact Rebellion Fitness for pricing and program options that will best suit your employees.
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